Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Hello there, fellow readers! I must apologize for not posting anything for almost a month. I've been busy with my exams and work but now I've finally got some free time for our blog and for you! And since it's already the 8th of February and Valentine's Day is near, I would like to offer... Continue Reading →

Movie With Boyfriend: The Imitation Game

Since both of us work from home, you can imagine our schedule is pretty much chaotic. We wake up, have breakfast, enjoy our coffee, work, prepare lunch, waste time laughing or doing anything else but work, then work (or again wasting time somehow, we're perfect at doing this) and then we find ourselves working at... Continue Reading →

Shopping With Your Boyfriend

Who said shopping? I did! Believe it or not, I have shopping. Yes, I'm a female human being and I hate shopping except when I know for sure what I need or want. In December we had to shop a looot for Christmas and New Year (yay, much fun!). One day we spent around 8... Continue Reading →

About Patience in a Relationship

Hello there! Today I've been recalling those awkward moments me and my boyfriend had at our first (and not only!) dates. I always love to think about beginnings because they better shape the importance of what I have now, they remind me that everything I have now I've gained myself, through strength, patience, and love.... Continue Reading →

Museums’ Day in Sibiu

Our second day in Sibiu was amazing. We decided to visit the local museums, and then have dinner at a nice restaurant, since it was our "special day". Our first stop was the Brukenthal National Museum. What I liked about it was that it sold tickets for all the museums in the area. You could... Continue Reading →

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