Happy Birthday to My Beloved Other

It's the 16th of November and it's the birthday of this amazing guy, @jhnkn95, who's been in my life for enough time for me to understand that he's great! Today, I wanted to congratulate him and tell that I want him what's best in life. He deserves it. We've had our ups and downs, just... Continue Reading →

How to Enjoy Every Moment of Your Life

Yesterday morning, I and my lovely boyfriend went to the railway station to get a bag that his mother had sent us. Yeeees, that kind of bag full of meat, zakuska (a kind of sauce made from vegetables, which we adooore), homemade cheese, milk and so on. So, there was definitely a holiday in our... Continue Reading →

Museums’ Day in Sibiu

Our second day in Sibiu was amazing. We decided to visit the local museums, and then have dinner at a nice restaurant, since it was our "special day". Our first stop was the Brukenthal National Museum. What I liked about it was that it sold tickets for all the museums in the area. You could... Continue Reading →

First Day in Sibiu

Last weekend we celebrated our anniversary. So, while we were trying to decide what to do, the wise person of mine (and, again, very modest) thought that we could enjoy a city break. Therefore, we stopped on Sibiu. And this, my friends, was a great decision! We enjoyed it so much, that we wanted to... Continue Reading →

Moldovan People vs Portuguese People

As you know, this blog is a couple blog that should contain our most interesting stories. However, we all know that two people cannot function as one. We have different interests, we are two different personalities and we have different things to tell. This is why there will be posts that are not twice-told from... Continue Reading →

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