Our/ More Like My Morning Routine

Mornings are truly beautiful!

– especially when you start them at 4 in the afternoon.

Yes – believe it or not, there were times when I’d end my day sometimes close to the morning, birds chirping and all that, and start it in the afternoon, when the sun was ready to set.

However, those times are long gone – as those are the times when I lived alone and couldn’t properly enjoy mornings, according to my girlfriend.

Now, apparently, I gotta have a morning routine; which I don’t mind, because routine is what sometimes makes you human. Moreover, there’s nothing like brewing your own coffee or tea in the morning and having a healthy breakfast with your significant other.

That’s my cup – the Cool Pineapple!

Still – there’s a reason people like me call routine the way they call it. I, for one, hate routine and would rather take decisions on the spot. This is probably the main reason why an 8 A.M alarm turns into 20 snoozes and a breakfast at 11 A.M.

But that’s not the point – at least, not anymore; not since she’s been here with me.

And this one’s hers – the Pretty Pineapple!

Since we moved in together, there are a couple of things each of us has to do in the morning. For example, she is the one to usually make the coffee, set the table, and deal with the food, so to say. In return, at the end of our glorious breakfast, I clean everything up, wash the dishes, and so on.

Sounds like a pretty fair deal, right?

Well, it is – but, despite that, I still manage to annoy her. How? It’s easy – I don’t stick to the routine.

Every single evening, before we go to bed, I usually set up my own alarm, as I often wake up earlier to deal with some work-related things. Obviously, my alarms are too early for her.

Naturally, that’s not everything. I think that, in the past couple of weeks, I’ve been woken up by a maximum of three or four alarms that I had personally set.

She always wakes up first, groans at me for setting the alarms so early, and then tries to sleep them off. She can’t – she ends waking up for good and preparing breakfast.

All of that while I enjoy sleeping – I’ve always been a very big fan of sleeping. I also used to hear my alarms – but not since that entire year when I lived alone and had everything but a normal routine.

Therefore, my normal routine would be waking up late, drinking my coffee, having my breakfast – for which I did not work at all -, but doing the dishes and cleaning the kitchen at the end.

Some may say that I get special treatment – but some of you also know that my girlfriend wouldn’t want me in the kitchen, in the morning, with my morning moods, annoying her while she’s just trying to brew some coffee.

Photo by Abdelrahman Hassanein on Unsplash

It’s a win-win situation.

Most of the time – actually, just a couple of times. Why? Well, because, after she’s done preparing everything, she has to wake me up.

And oh boy! – that’s something even I wouldn’t enjoy doing!

Imagine trying to wake up someone who’s been awake for two days straight and slept only 30 minutes. That’s me – every single morning!

3 thoughts on “Our/ More Like My Morning Routine

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  1. My girlfriend an I have the same routine. It must be a guy thing, I guess. I know I won’t wake up to the ten alarms I set, but I’ll be damned if I don’t set them… for whatever reason. She wakes up and stays up; all the while, I’m in a blanket burrito. I wake up hours after she does and she doesn’t appreciate that. Moral to this comment: it’s good to know that I’m not the only one! Here’s to changing up routines and failing miserably!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s still hard for me to understand why they wouldn’t like their blanket-burrito men.
      After all, it’s better to sleep through more than ten alarms than being hungover and unable to operate properly!
      But, still, let’s hope – here’s to changing up routines (just a tiny bit) and trying to fail less!

      Liked by 1 person

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