How to Keep the Relationship Healthy After a Conflict

Hello there! I hope you’re doing fine and you’re having a great end of the week!

Today I wanted to talk about my boyfriend’s latest post, or, more specifically, to add some things to those that he’d said. (In case you missed the post, you can always read it here).

Well, first of all, I must say that he wrote the post while I was sitting in the kitchen, working, and being angry at him :D. I didn’t even know he was working on it. But I bet he felt sorry for annoying me and decided it would be a good way of apologizing :D. Therefore, I thought that it would be nice to share with you some thoughts on how to behave during a fight with your beloved ones. However, I have to highlight the fact that all those written below are taken out of my own experience and the piece of advice may not be suitable for YOUR problem. But hey! You can always adapt everything to your situation ^_^.

My boyfriend’s idea of writing on the blog after we had a fight is great. Of course, this does not mean that you have to have a blog, too. You can always open a Word document or find a simple piece of paper and write down everything that you feel. Sometimes we do not feel comfortable to share our thoughts with the other ones, especially during a fight. We close ourselves, we are angry and we think that everything goes against our wishes.

This is why writing down on a paper your thoughts during the quarrel may help the relationship grow. You can give the paper to your boy/girlfriend later, after both of you calm down. You can analyze the situation and try to understand what exactly triggered the fight.

I’ve read my boyfriend’s post later in the evening. I was laughing and it was nice to see his point of view. This is because I take all the things very seriously, while he doesn’t pay much attention to all these small fights. I realized that after reading what he’d written.

Every time we quarrel I start thinking about how this is going to affect our relationship or if things are going to be fine in the future. My boyfriend, on the other hand, doesn’t take these fights so seriously and I think this is the best thing to do. Each relationship has its ups and downs, but we don’t have to worry too much about them because the relationship will get toxic. Start worrying about an argument you had in the morning and you’ll have them every day. Just relax and move forward (this is a piece of advice for me, as well, not only for you :D)

Silence is bad. IT’S VERY BAD. Better argue than keep the silence. I’m lucky that I cannot be quiet for a very long time. I may still be upset, but I have to talk to him and tell him what made me feel that way (which, of course, annoys him because he’s the type of person who doesn’t like to sort things out, but it’s still better than not talking to each other at all).

Of course, this may not work for all of you because some of you prefer to move forward by not discussing anything. But still, don’t spend too much time being quiet. If you don’t like to analyze things, start talking about something else, watch a movie, or go for a walk.

Silence kills relationships. Today you maintain it for a few hours, tomorrow for a day, then for a week, and so on.

I hate it when people don’t discuss things. Communication is the key to a healthy relationship. This is what my boyfriend told me during our first months of being a couple. OF COURSE HE DOES THAT NOW! (can you feel the sarcasm in my voice? :D). He’s not a talker. Every time we fight, he says: “Gata! Las-o baltă”, which in Romanian means: “That’s all! Forget about it”.

And, obviously, I remind him about communication being crucial and all that crap. It’s hard. It’s very hard to find a balance in such situations because we all are different and we may not have the same reactions. But we all have to understand that if we don’t talk to each other, things won’t work out. (I’m still saying this every day to my boyfriend, it’s like a friendly reminder :D).

I must say this is valid for all types of relationships – with friends, parents, brothers, sisters or relatives. Keep talking to people because this will help others understand your point of view. It will stop others from judging you.

And now, my dear readers, I’m having a “date” with my boyfriend. We are going to watch the new Spiderman movie and drink cocoa, while the rain outside makes the evening even more enjoyable. Naturally, I invite you to do the same! Life is beautiful and we have to take advantage of every moment we have! Spread the love!

Wish you all a good weekend!

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