My Review of John Wick 3: Parabellum

“Guns. Lots of guns.”

You’re going to hear Mr. Wick say this line a couple of times throughout the movie and it will sound purely amazing.

Oh – I think I forgot to mention that there are going to be spoilers in this article. So, beware!

If you’ve seen the first two movies then you already know that the third installment is going to have a higher kill count than the previous ones combined. After all, there is that one scene where the High Table agents/ security team storm the New York Continental and Mr. Wick has to fight them for longer than you’d expect a fight scene to last – as a matter of fact, he will have to return to the hotel’s vault and replenish the lost ammo as well as grab a couple of guns with bigger firepower.

Since I don’t want to keep on dragging too much, I’ll tell you this one thing right now – the end does suggest, very much I might add, a fourth movie; just in case you didn’t have enough of John Wick already. I sure know I didn’t!

But, you might ask, how’s this action movie different from any other action movie?

Well, first of all, you do actually get to see the protagonist injured and seriously fighting for his life – and when he is hurt, you can see that he has a harder time overcoming his enemies.

But this should go without saying, given the fact that the One, Keanu Reeves, underwent serious and lengthy training for his John Wick role/ portrayal. It is very unlikely that you’ll find any mistakes in the fighting choreography or in the way he handles his guns.

Moreover, instead of seeing an all-powerful main character, we see Mr. Wick that is always struggling to overcome either his foes or, in some cases, his old friends. In short, life is not easy for our retired hitman.

As you may have noticed so far, I’m not doing a very good job at reviewing movies – after all, I’ve never done this before; I thought I’d be good, given the fact that I’m watching a lot of movies and sharing my opinions on them with my friends; but reading this piece does not make me happy, so to say.

While Mr. Wick wanted a lot of guns, the cinema we went to had instead offered us, the viewers, lots of Cologne water and alcohol-free beers. Obviously, the beer has caught my attention when I first saw the John Wick add online, then I became interested in the Cologne water, and then I was amazed by the movie.

I was never an action movie enthusiast, but John Wick – be it the portrayal of the actor or the director’s amazing work – has really left a mark on me in terms of how real, good action scenes should look like.

Furthermore, the story is actually good as well. At one point, Mr. Wick meets with the one who’s above the High Table – thing that seemed pretty much impossible, given that the High Table even sent a Judicator to eradicate all of those that helped Mr. Wick after he went excommunicado – leaving us with the impression that the High Table can do whatever it wants, as long as it respects the law.

The movie was overall a blast – no matter how serious a scene was, people would laugh. Why? Well, it’s because of pure action-comedy scenes, some of which were – I think – unintended.

For example, at one point, Mr. Wick throws five to seven knives at an enemy, ending it all with one to the skull – you’d think that four knives to the chest and torso are enough to incapacitate someone, but Mr. Wick wanted more.

There’s also the scene with the horses, when Mr. Wick patiently waits for his enemies to position themselves behind a horse, only so that he can then give a tiny slap to the animal, making them literally dropkick the poor foes.

There’s both intentional and unintentional comedy, there’s action, there’s character building, there’s story, there are memorable lines – as well as characters, obviously. It’s one of those action movies that has it all – all and Keanu Reeves.

I think it’s about time I ended this review – with so much more left to say, but little words that actually come to my mind. I did mention that I’m not good at writing reviews, so don’t blame it on me.

Oh – right! I forgot one scene that I thought was brilliant!

When Mr. Wick and Sofia leave the high tower of Berrada, they have to fight all of those that stand under the latter’s command. However, instead of having the cameras on Wick, they are all on Sofia – Halle Berry.

Literally, during the entire fight, all we can see is Sofia and her cute little puppies taking down tens of enemies. At one point, we even see Mr. Wick in the background, doing his thing.

As mentioned, this scene left a mark on me because it emphasizes the fact that the protagonist, even with a nickname as scary as his, does need some help at times and can’t overcome all of his obstacles on his own. Plus, we get to see Sofia in combat and not yet another John Wick fighting scene.

A change of pace – if you may!

So, yea – while you can expect all of the things common to an action movie, you will still be amazed by the little gimmicks, so to say, that the cast and director pulled off in the making of this movie.

Also, I don’t even have to mention that Mr. Wick’s lack of lines throughout the movie really makes his character/ persona resemble more to the nickname given to him – full of secrets, thoughtful, and, most importantly, deadly.

In the end, instead of calling it a review, I might as well just call this a honest insight of my experience seeing John Wick 3: Parabellum. These are nothing more than my impressions and opinions on the movie. I think that, for now, you’ll have to rely on other online news stations for a truly competent movie review.

However, if you made it so far – congrats to you, I’ll make sure to save you a slice of cake for our next meeting. Or, in our case – given that this is a website you are on – an everlasting cookie.

Unless you clear your browsing history – then make sure to return here and claim yet another cookie.

Until next time – stay safe, eat healthy, and hide your pencils, especially if you are up to some suspicious activities!

Also, if you’d like to read her review, you already know which of the previous words you have to click on. Cheers!

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