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The other day me and my boyfriend were having lunch, talking about the usual stuff, when the best idea ever came to his mind. Why shouldn’t we keep a record of our couple stories, of our ups and downs, of our happiness and sadness and, of course, of our funny moments in which we could not stop laughing? Wouldn’t it be great to keep them here?

And just to be clear about this, we do not want to do this to get thousands of people reading it – if there is one person who gets our story and our purpose, it is absolutely enough for us. Because our main goal is to tell a story as real as possible. If we make one person smile and find him/herself in our story, this will be more than enough for us.

We do not want to offer advice, because each couple is absolutely unique and it’s almost impossible to advise someone of something without knowing his/her story and the real reasons behind the problem. And, of course, we have not been together for a decade and we ourselves do not have much of an experience in the “couple domain”, but we know that our story is real and that we constantly learn and grow our ties together. We know that a relationship is not perfect and that it wouldn’t even work if it were perfect, right?

Ok, let’s stop with the syrupy stuff, because we have more important things to sort out, don’t we? Our plan is to tell the same story from different points of view. I will tell my story, as I see it. I will tell a story of a short girl, who has blue eyes and curly hair. On the other side, my boyfriend will tell his story – the story of a man in a relationship. Our goal is to shape the difference between the preferences, the ways of thinking and the visions of a man and a woman in a comradeship, if I can say so (because two people have to friends first of all and only after that, lovers).

And now, some details about us. We are not superstars. Ok, not the best way to start an “About Us” page, but still, we are not superstars and are not living an “Upper East Side” life, so our stories won’t be those of Blair and Chuck, with the fancy stuff in our lives, with the limousine and the champagne (although I am a very big fan of their love, just for the record). We are simple individuals, one born in Republic of Moldova and the other one in Romania, who have grown up in a small neighborhood, during the post-communist period, having a tough childhood on one side, but a very happy one on the other side, because we’ve known the true joys of life. (And, that’s a secret – we are pineapples!)


We’ve met at the university and have been together since. Are we alike? Hm, not pretty much. We do not actually have a lot of things in common. I know that people say that those who are different tend to get along easier. NO, this is absolutely not true. It is so freaking hard to get along with someone who’s different, because you have to get off your throne and accept someone else’s desires and ideas. And, we all know it’s hard to get off your throne, when you’ve been living all by yourself without having to share interests and visions with other people, because nobody cares about them, to be honest.

But, at the end, you find yourself at that point in which you realize you two do start to get along, even if you’re different. Okay, we did have some things in common and these were great to hang on to.

This is the story we want to tell – of two simple, ambitious and freaking stubborn individuals who love each other and share the biggest joys and sorrows with each other.

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