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It all started with a shy question, asked via a message – because who would dare start a chat with a girl face to face nowadays? – and, since then, all we have are couple stories.

Almost every single day, from the moment we wake up and when we go back to sleep, we manage to come up with the craziest, funniest – probably – couple stories one could ever witness.

But, the trick is that we don’t actually come up with them – they just happen! Put this event next to that event – in our case, the latter is something either totally unexpected or very, very basic – and, poof! you get one of our stories.

Now, how did we come up with the idea? Well, it’s a secret for now – but we will definitely tell you about it later. Also, don’t worry, around 70% of it is original and hasn’t been influenced by something or someone else.

But, why this idea? Well, even though there are more than a few reasons, there’s one that gives me the itch and makes me think that this idea cannot be anything else but amazing!

Have you ever thought, when you were either in a relationship or single, how does the one next to you perceive certain events; what do they think about a certain thing or action? Or, even more, have you ever thought about the life of other couples, with their ups and downs and ins and outs?

Most importantly, wouldn’t it be great to hear the two sides of the same story – but, in this case, a funny, interesting, couple story?

Of course, it may not be that interesting for some, but that’s not the point. The point is that we want to share our stories with the rest of the world, or at least with those willing to spend their time reading them.

Or, that’s what I want you all to think – instead, my plan is to be able to find out exactly what my girlfriend thinks about a certain situation and, therefore, to get to know her better so that we can live a happy, healthy couple life.

However, we all know that, when it comes to couples, you can know everything about your partner and still manage to piss them the hell off! I’ll just blame it on the human nature – it ain’t my fault, sorry!

So, we’re just a couple – you’ve never heard of us and you won’t probably hear anything too soon. We’re just two people that fell in love and who don’t want to leave this Earth without having created something – in my case, at least!

If you keep on reading, you’ll soon see that the stories are quite far from being even similar – after all, her story is her take, her emotions, feelings, and so on, while my story is… simply mine!

We will not interfere with each other’s creations and we will not delete stuff from them just because she said something I don’t like or fully agree with. Given that we already started writing, it’s important to keep the stories as curtain-less as possible – we do want you to get the full picture of what’s going on.

So, in short, this is Couple Stories – two stories for each of a relationship’s part.


Don’t expect any advice from us – these are our stories! You may not be able to apply some of the things we talk about in your relationship – instead, you’ll probably learn how to deal with one or two difficult moments based on our stories.

We don’t want to teach people how to live a couple’s life or how to deal with complicated situations – we just want you to give us a read and maybe tell us your opinion so that we could teach each other more about the inner workings of a relationship between two humanoid beings that, at times, seem to not stand each other at all!

Oh – did you really expect a proper Meet Us article? Nope, you are totally in the wrong section. That’s not me – go check her article out; I’m more than certain that she did the Meet Us just as you expect it.

Names and other details are not important. Important is the fact that we are two simple people that love and care for each other, who just want to share bits of our life with you!

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